More than 150 chefs were impressed with the quality and rich taste of halal Kikkoman Asian sauce workshops held in Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur and Jakes restaurant in Langkawi.

It was an inspiring workshop for more than 150 chefs who tried and tasted the halal Kikkoman sauce used in a number of interesting recipes such as Bulgogi beef, Deep fried chicken Gochujang, BBQ lamb chops, Sashimi salmon dip in halal Kikkoman all purpose seasoning and more.


Not only the chefs were impressed with the rich taste and texture of all the Asian sauce and the amazing recipes that they created with these sauce,

Chef Stefu gave an interesting and clear explanation on the halal sauce production and how these sauce can be chefs’ powerful seasoning as they give the chefs efficiency, flexibility, etc. For samples and more info, contact Wonder Gourmet Sdn Bhd 012 213 5277 or

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