Halal Kikkoman Asian sauce & Halal Mirin

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Discover a NEW range of KIKKOMAN sauce in Asian flavours

Versatile, Quality and Umami-Rich

Exciting news for chefs on Halal KIKKOMAN’s NEW range of sauces with Asian flavours

Kikkoman, a leading Japanese soy sauce brand globally, has launched a new range of halal sauces with popular Asian flavours. It’s a brand that is backed by 300 years of Japanese tradition in producing high quality soy sauce seasoning. 

Variety, Versatile & Quality

The new halal Kikkoman sauce range includes the Korean Bulgogi and Gochujang, Oyster Flavoured Sauce, Sweet Sauce (Kecap Manis), Garlic Teriyaki, BBQ and Black Pepper Teriyaki including the famous halal Kikkoman All Purpose Seasoning Soy Sauce. 

The Halal Kikkoman All Purpose Seasoning Soy Sauce have been naturally brewed for 6 to 12 months for that superb umami flavour. These sauces are so versatile they can be used for seasoning and marination of meat, seafood, vegetarian and use as a dipping and finishing sauces.

Natural Ingredients and Halal recognised

These Halal Kikkoman Sauces are produced to the highest quality and standard with natural ingredients and have been certified halal by MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) and accepted by JAKIM, Malaysia.

Unique flavour & Popular

The Halal Kikkoman Bulgogi and Gochujang sauces, Sweet Sauce and Oyster Flavoured Sauce already have chefs and consumers raving about the unique Umami rich flavours to the dishes.

For centuries Kikkoman’s naturally brewed soy sauce has been used to enhance the world’s cuisines and they are highly regarded by top celebrity chefs around the world. Now its new range of halal Kikkoman Asian sauces are going to bring magic into your kitchen.

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