Halal Artisan MAFFRA Cheese

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Award-winning Artisan Australian Cheese.
A high level of craftsmanship and sustainable production of cheese

Maffra Cheese are artisan hand-crafted by a Master Cheese-maker on a dairy farm near Maffra, in the heart of Gippsland’s lush dairying country. The milk used to make Maffra Cheese is sourced mainly from Holstein-Freisian cows. No animal rennet is used in the manufacture of Maffra Cheese, so it is suitable fpr vegetarians.

Maffra Cheese is Halal approved by JAKIM Malaysia. 

Handmade cheese is a rare commodity today, particularly when crafted in this way by an award-winning cheese maker. 

The selection of these hand-crafted Maffra cheese are halal certified for total enjoyment and peace of mind. They are a real winner when served with bread and biscuits, or add to salad, soup and dessert. Full of flavours and nutrition, Maffra Cheese taste superb and rich on its own. It can be added to desserts and serve as a snack – great for kids and adults alike. It also adds zest to a wonderful vegetarian dish.


In 4 fantastic flavours:

  1. Tasty Chicken
  2. Tangy Tomato
  3. Hearty Vegetable
  4. Creamy Pumpkin

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