Giesser Knives & Butchery Items

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How Giesser Quality Knives are manufactured from outstanding materials and first-class workmanship

The Material

Raw blades are stamped from first class chrome-molybdenum steel.

Vacuum Hardening

The more even the blade is, the better the knife holds its edge. This is the reason why we use the latest high-tech vacuum tempering process.

The Grinding

The grinding of the blade is a fully automatic precision process. A perfectly sharp edge requires two additional grinding steps.

The Polishing

The finish is achieved by a polishing machine which ensures a smooth and flawless finish. The advantages: rust will not form in the blade and it
is easier to clean the knife.

The Handle

For every work the right handles and always a good grip. Ergonomically shaped and slip proof. Our products meet international standards and regulations. Colour coded handles improve hygiene in food processing industry.


The honing done by the hand of a master guarantees a perfect blade. The etching is our seal for highest quality.

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